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To Home Owners

  • To Home Owners

What we do?

We provide best solution for your business

Professional home management

Experienced well coordinated team possess cross functional experience for home management. Our experience spans from marketing to post sale referrals.

Efficient home maintenance

One of the most important goals is to keep house in brand new condition. Our crew of low - cost but efficient local handy men, cleaners, managers helps us keeping the house in the best shape. We strive to lower your home maintenance costs with our seasoned management experience.

Transparent reporting

Finance part of our relationship does not have to be complicated. We provide detailed reporting using classic accounting principles and firm intention to have full trust between us. Feel free to ask any questions about the financial home performance.

Experienced home marketing and sales

Successful vacation rentals business starts with the basics: home furnishing and renovation, defining target segments, building pricing strategy and selling to prospects. We employ experts in each area to help you enjoy your pretty statements.

WHY Away to PA?

The best proof of our successful management is our busy calendars. Away to PA utilizes full scope of resources to get highest booking rate. We never use formal approach to home guests, therefore taking care of unique needs of different groups
It takes experience and mistakes to learn what works best in vacation home rentals business. Away to PA breaks down the whole process into phases from inquiry to post visiting referrals to make sure each phase fully optimized
The market is constantly changes, therefore it's important to be aware of the best new trends. We constantly overlooking the industry to catch those latest customer preferences
Sales is all about "striking the iron while it's hot". Our managers on average reply to inquiries within 5 minutes of receiving it, therefore catching customer's peak interest. We closely monitor industry practices and are proud to be at the top of the list. We don't take management process formally, so if we get a phone call at 11pm and are able to reply - we always do! Also we have a team of local reps, who can quickly arrive to the home for issue resolution.
We continuously check how we are doing via customer surveys, follow up calls and website comments. We also take seriously any recommendations guests might suggest to optimize overall customer experience.
To Home Owners

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